Camera and lenses

Gear I currently use

Readers sometimes ask me what gear I use to take the photos I post on this blog. Here is an exhaustive list of my current photography gear :

  • A Sony A7II
  • A Zeiss Batis 25f2.0, a Zeiss 55f1.8 and a Zeiss Batis 85f1.8
  • A Manfrotto tripod (which I barely use these days)
  • Two Hoya filters : a ND 400 and a ND 8

Most of the time, I’ll just take the A7II and two lenses with me : the 25 and the 55. These are used in 95% of my photos.

Gear I used to own

I’ve started photography with a very basic Lumix FZ38, which was great for what I used to like to do at the time.

I then switched to Sony mirrorless system when I traveled to Shanghai. I wanted to have a light system, yet uncompromising considering image quality. I purchased a Sony Nex 6, a SEL20f2.8, a SEL35f1.8 and a SEL50f1.8. When I came back from China with loads of photos I was very happy with, I decided to invest a bit more and purchased an A6000 and a Zeiss 24f1.8. I then sold the SEL20f2.8 and the SEL35f1.8, and used a two-cameras, two-lenses system : the SEL50F1.8 was glued on my A6000, and the Zeiss 24f1.8 was glued on my Nex 6. This system was great, and I still sometimes miss its simplicity and light-weight.

In 2016, I also bought a Zeiss 55f1.8 to replace my SEL50f1.8, and a FE 90f2.8 for macro use. The Zeiss 55f1.8 was quite a disappointment compared to the SEL 50f1.8. It was not that sharper on APS-C, had longer minimum focus distance, and lacked stabilisation. The FE 90f2.8 was impressive, though, but I didn’t use it that much unfortunately.

I went Full Frame in 2017. It was quite a big leap in terms of financial engagement to photography, but it was worth it. The photos looked crispier, and I had the opportunity to widen my angle of vision with good wide-angle lenses, which at the time were lacking for Sony APS-C system. I first bought a Zeiss 55f1.8 and a 28f2.0. The latter was very small, quite sharp and pleasing to use. But it was not wide enough. So I decided to sell it and buy the Zeiss 25f2.0 to replace it, which I currently use 80% of the time. I also replaced my FE90f2.8 with a Batis 85f1.8. This new lens is lighter and brighter, though I must confess I don’t use it as much as I had hoped, and I sometimes miss the ability to focus closer than what my current gear lets me do.

Gear I want to own

The next purchases I’ve planned is a Sony A7III: better eye-AF and touchscreen which will help me to change focus quite fast will be helpful.

I’m still debating whether I should invest in an ultra-wide-angle lens like the Voigtlander 15f4.5, or a telephoto lens like the 70-200f4. I don’t want to spend too much money in a lens I’ll use 20 times a year, so I take my time before making a decision. If you have any insight, I’ll be happy to read it!